A Little About Me

Preferring to be “behind the camera” I always thought of myself as shy. But the camera itself allowed me to be more outward and friendly than I already was – this was something that really didn’t occur to me till just a few years ago.

People in general would basically label me as a “shy guy and usually quiet. These perceptions certainly changed when I had a camera in hand and a task at hand. In comes fun Robbie, asking strangers to  pose, gather together and best of all….ask for their money when I was done.

Sports do the same kind of thing to me, add a hockey stick, a baseball bat or tennis racket and Robbie the speed merchant with amazing stamina surfaces.

Always, always,always looking for ways to make people laugh, have fun and enjoy themselves when I’m in Camera or sport mode or Dad mode.

Having had the thrill of being a photographer for over 30 years has been exciting, challenging and most of all FUN !


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